Fantasy or Science Fiction?

My wife and I had a fairly long discussion about Fantasy vs. Science Fiction.

We both read the book Dragonflight this January of 2015 – the first fiction book that I’ve read in several years… I’d been so busy studying educational books, that I decided I should take a break!

The book essentially starts in a medieval setting and involves Dragons. Seems like fantasy, right?

The introduction mentions that the people on the planet traveled from earth and colonized there. That the dragons and dragon riders evolved together, forming a bond. From my angle it leans more towards science fiction. An interesting twist of making dragons an alien species, or in other words, Science fiction with a fantasy feel to it.

In this sense the book seems to have been of both genres, very cool!

Often Fantasy has magic and science fiction does not. The book Dragonflight does not contain magic in the sense of Wizards and spells, however the characters have special abilities that seem like magic.
This brings to mind the quote from Science Fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke:
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Based on a Poll in 1987, Dragonflight ranked at number nine among the 33 “All-Time Best Fantasy Novels”, seems lots of folks considered it a Fantasy book…
Let us consider Ware Shelly’s History of Science fiction Mind Map!

[The History of Science Fiction]


If you take a closer look at the dark blue/purple you will see Star Wars.
If you look near the top middle you will see C.S. Lewis Narnia stories listed.
Unable to locate Dragonflight on it, I did some google searching but stillĀ couldn’t locate a list of all books listed, please let me know if you do!

On there is a good Q&A about this question.
The discussion is interesting, it also brings the Horror genre into the mix…

What do you think? What makes a book fantasy, science fiction, or both?

Personal Blogging

I’ve thought many times, off and on, that I should blog. A main concern has always been, what exactly should I write about? Specifically for – what should be put on this site, what do I share with the world. You can see that I published one post back in March of 2010 (over four years ago). I did some study on autobiography, memoir, blogs, etc…

I’m not looking to write the story of my life (autobiography) or a stories from my life (memoir), at least those won’t be the primary focus of my blogging.

I asked myself: if someone were to Google search for “Moroni Pickering” and click on the link to (currently 4th result, after LinkedIn, Facebook, and WhitePages); what would and/or should they find?

Stories, maybe a few, but I’m not really a story teller.
Don’t need to create a “following” or a living from blogging.
I like to think, ponder, analyze, synthesize, and brainstorm. Creating designs, plans, and lists are compulsive habits. To know who Moroni Pickering is, a person should have some exposure to my random thoughts, topics of interest, and some of my writings.

I had a few drafts that I never published. I’ll get those edited and online!

Writing vs. Speaking

I installed Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 today. I am not sure that speaking is better than typing. It is cool how fast the speech software will write things I say. The problem is, I think quite a bit in between what I am outputting. Perhaps if I regularly spoke, more than I write and think, the speech software would be cooler.

Testing writing using the wordpress with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Starting with that last sentence I am using Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The speech software does create some minor errors, but when I type I create minor errors as well. The nice thing with this is it doesn’t hurt my hands. Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking could be very handy, just to get the ideas out, then edit later using the keyboard.