Dating My Wife

I love being married and now it’s easier than it is challenging. This was not always the case. After five years of marriage (year 2003), we had gone through some rough times in our relationship, and to repair it we decided we needed to spend more enjoyable time together. My wife and I had common convictions and some similar interests, but significantly different personalities. There are many personality theories and general counseling advice, that suggest we are incompatible and the odds are against us making it work.

Both of us believe in eternal marriage.

Now, twelve years later we enjoy a rock solid relationship. A critical element in our success is continuing to date. There are several activities we have rekindled and allow for renewing of our relationship.

Shows/Videos, this one is easy and low-cost for us, we started renting TV series and watching them together each evening. At first we went a little crazy on this and would get through a whole season in a week. The key is watching something we both enjoy. I cannot tolerate watching television with commercial interruptions and dislike watching one episode per week, so we wait for a whole season to release on disk and watch it that way. We both enjoy Science Fiction, Fantasy, Law, Spy and Crime (some) genre and we stick, for the most part, to those types of shows. If either of us is uncomfortable with the violence, language or general feel we’ll move onto something else.

We have also found common ground in books,┬ádiscussion around our shared interests, vacations, and dining out. Most of the time we don’t read the same books, she reads interesting fiction and tells me about the story; I read educational non-fiction and share my discoveries and insights. We like to discuss what we read, watch and experience. We discuss while walking and eating out. Our vacations include walking, exploration and┬ádiscussion.

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Walking Past Saint George LDS Temple
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Walking up Cedar City Canyon

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Creating a beautiful relationship requires nurturing the relationship, it requires making the choice to put in the time necessary. We all must find what will stack the odds in our favor and then make those actions a priority!