Top 9 Books in 2014

Last year I started keeping a spreadsheet of the books I’ve read. For last year I recorded 75. The question is: What do I consider the top books for that year?

I reviewed the list and categorized them into nine categories:

1. Business: 19 books
2. Personal Growth: 15
3. Marketing: 9
4. Software Development: 8
5. Management: 6
6. Religious: 6
7. Networking (People): 5
8. Parenting: 5
9. Fitness & Health: 2

The most significant business book is Good to Great. I had already read that book several years earlier and I read it again last year. I still rank it at the top. The next best book that I read the first time last year (and I read it again this year) is The Lean Startup.

In personal growth category I choose Obliquity, another book I had already read several years ago and re-read again. On Amazon the book only has 3.6 stars and 30 reviews, so not exactly a popular book. This book probably has extra significance if your a person who does strategic thinking and planning.

Marketing, Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers. This book is great for giving you ideas of the different marketing channels you can try as well as a framework for testing them.

Software Development, not sure picking a “top” book here makes a lot of sense, most of these books I read not so much as an exploration but to develop skill in a specific needed area, like XML, JavaScript and UML. The book Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja¬†did an excellent job in increasing my understanding of the JavaScript language and I highly recommended it.

Management, The Effective Executive, is a¬†short but powerful book by Peter Drucker. This book could also fit in the personal growth section, it’s directed at anyone who makes business decisions and how you can become more effective.

Networking, The 29% Solution. Most of these networking books I only inspectionally read. The 29% Solution I read in more depth. The book has more meat and less hype. I’ll reference a few of the other books and this one as I develop my networking skills.

Parenting, Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child. Raising five kids, two teenagers, is a challenge. Definitely needed this book! I’ll be re-reading it again…

Fitness & Health, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle. I lost fat and gained strength last year. The book helped.

Religious, The Book of Mormon. I read in it regularly, and there is always something new to learn from this book!

Those are my top books for 2014. I hope to write in more depth on each significant book.

What are your top books? Have any suggestions for what I should cover in more depth or another book to read and write about?