If You Can Role-play, You Can do Physics

Role-playing uses algebra.

Role-playing quantifies reality.

Physics can easily be thought of as another kind of RPG system, like learning GURPSĀ  or D&D.

Not that everyone would want to be a physicist or an engineer, but we could probably have some fun with physics!

What would be really cool: a mass multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), with a focus on using and learning physics. Granted that would be a large expensive project, if done well. I could be content with a pen and paper version to start with.

Currently, when I Google search “physics role playing game” there are some results for games with “Physics driven combat” which is not what I’m wishing for. I don’t think we need more life-like combat. What I’m envisioning is something where you can take on the role of an adventurer; could be in a realm of magic or in a galaxy far, far away. Regardless of the theme, you would role play and gain “levels” based on your ability to learn and apply physics.

There is a physics teacher who created Classcraft which looks like an interesting way to run a classroom, but I’d like to play with my kids and/or some friends…

DONE: Add a physics role playing game to Moroni’s invention wish list.

Temperament Board/Card Game

You have a board like shoots and ladders or candy land (has a start and finish). The objective is to get to the finish. You move towards the end by drawing task cards. Each task card has something like 4 options.

Example Card Text

  1. Categorize a group of Insects according to their like properties.
  2. Paint a fence.
  3. Compete in a basket ball game.
  4. Council a person with emotional problems.

Either on the backside of the card or on some answer sheet the most preferred temperament and/or cognitive process would be listed.

Example answer text:

  1. Rational
  2. Guardian
  3. Artisan
  4. Idealist
  • Each task on the task card is assigned movement points. The points for each temperament need to average across all cards but not on each card. On each card certain actions need to be worth more points than other actions/tasks in order to tempt the player to choose a task not as well suited to their currently assigned temperament.

Another type of card can be one that asks what would you do in situation “x”. The card give 4 options and the person needs to pick the option that his temperment would be most likely to do. Instead of moving you forward for success, maybe it moves you backwards upon an incorrect selection.

  • Randomly draw personality/character cards (like in the game cash flow, when drawing occupations) to start the game.
  • The simplest version of the game would only use the four temperaments: Artisan, Guardian, Idealist, and Rational.
  • Added rules or improved/more complex versions of the game could use all 16 MTBI types and the associated cognitive processes.
  • Depending on the task each player has a chance to succeed in accomplishing the task based on his or her temperament. Possible example:
    • Rational:
      • 90% to perform a Rational task
      • 70% for Idealist
      • 60% for Artisan
      • 50% for Guardian

Action’s needed to implement:

  • Create Board
  • Create Cards with actions
  • Determine number of actions to create, could create a limited amount like 10-20 to prototype the game.
  • Create Temperament Cards
  • Decide on Each Temperaments Chance to perform the task on the cards