If You Can Role-play, You Can do Physics

Role-playing uses algebra.

Role-playing quantifies reality.

Physics can easily be thought of as another kind of RPG system, like learning GURPSĀ  or D&D.

Not that everyone would want to be a physicist or an engineer, but we could probably have some fun with physics!

What would be really cool: a mass multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), with a focus on using and learning physics. Granted that would be a large expensive project, if done well. I could be content with a pen and paper version to start with.

Currently, when I Google search “physics role playing game” there are some results for games with “Physics driven combat” which is not what I’m wishing for. I don’t think we need more life-like combat. What I’m envisioning is something where you can take on the role of an adventurer; could be in a realm of magic or in a galaxy far, far away. Regardless of the theme, you would role play and gain “levels” based on your ability to learn and apply physics.

There is a physics teacher who created Classcraft which looks like an interesting way to run a classroom, but I’d like to play with my kids and/or some friends…

DONE: Add a physics role playing game to Moroni’s invention wish list.