Irrationally Awesome!

Why are some things irrationally awesome? There is much in life we like with no good reason, the answer is simply: “because I like it”. Let’s start with the featured image on this post, a Jedi with a light saber overlooking an amazing scene. Very cool!

Dragons, why is a giant fire-breathing lizard with wings awesome?
Maybe because it’s red! Oh wait, yes, I’m a little irrationally obsessed with red too…

An excellent specimen:

Red-Gold Dragon

Beagles, not sure why but I just like to look at them. I feel like King Haggard in the Last Unicorn. Only if I could command a Red Bull to round all of them up for me…
My beagles had puppies, very cuddly!

The only thing more awesome than a beagle is a beagle ninja! See my dog climbed his fence and is walking the balance beam…


Mongoose, see it take on a Cobra!

I could say it’s from the dozens of times I watched the movie Riki Tiki Tavi as a child, but why did I want to watch it dozens of times…?


Um, not sure…

Swords, so I can stab someone! er, wait… I typically avoid even killing insects if possible…

Trees, see the picture of the house surrounded by trees, a big reason I moved to that house, the trees…

Take a look at me pointing at the Trees on our Vacation to Lake Conroe, TX – awesome trees!
They do give shade, but so does a warehouse (not awesome)…

Praying Mantis, found this critter hanging out on my windshield wipers. Why is this so amazing!?

Rational likes for comparison

  • Food (needed for survival)
  • Fair Maidens (human survival)
  • Winning (helps attract a fair maiden and get food)

What is the point here, not sure, maybe it’s that, even those of us with “Analytical” in our top five strengths can still be irrational!

Or perhaps, the key takeaway from this post is: if you want to sell me something, it should be a red dragon-beagle-mongoose-goat-mantis perched in red-leafed tree wielding a red tinted sword or at least you should find some way to throw that into the deal!