I’m a husband, father, active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, college graduate, investor, and home owner.

I can enjoy just about any topic of study, a few keep resurfacing: Computer Science, Software Development & Engineering, Robotics, Education & Learning, Physics, Math, Video Games, Psychology, Economics, Philosophy, Critical Thinking & Logic, Religion, Writing, Business Management & Leadership, Tools, Techniques, and Methodologies.

Politically, I’m for a Federal presidential constitutional republic (go USA!).

While all animals are fascinating (often find myself looking at a Housefly in wonder), I have a particular interest in: beagles, dragons, goats, unicorns, mongoose and weasels.

Professionally, I develop software and business systems. I started programming in pascal November of 1997.  Since then I have programmed in many programming languages and worked on many projects, in many businesses, across several industries, not limited to: insurance, advocacy, business management, computer games, and healthcare. I have worked in variety of roles: software designer, engineer, developer, game designer, architect, consultant, manager, marketer, owner, quality assurance and mentor.

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