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Your Personal Study Process?

My personal study process typically starts with
When I’m interested in a subject I’ll search for and find the top rated books for the subject, then based on some internal formula that balances cost, current time available for study, interest and need, I’ll buy several of the top books and put the rest on a wish list. Often I’m debating starting the study of a subject or purchase of a book, then I’ll either put it in the cart and save “for later” or just add to the appropriate wish list.
I have 58 wish lists, 876 items, average of 15 items per list (yes, there are some no-book items, like software, but mostly books!).

Once I receive the book, if I’m really excited about it, I’ll jump right in and start reading, otherwise it is placed on my to-read queues: top of my desk, family room book shelves, my white throne room, exercise bike, and bedroom dresser. See pictures of locations of my “to-read queues”

personal study wordpress 20150703_101122
Hutch on my desk
personal study wordpress 20150703_102235
Family room book shelves
My White Throne Room
My White Throne Room
Bedroom Dresser Queue
Bedroom Dresser
personal study data-recalc-dims=
FitDesk Exercise Bike

While I’m reading a physical book I use 3×5 cards of varying colors as a bookmark and a self-created index. I also index for areas that have personal significance that I would like to return and delve into more deeply. See images (front and back) of 3×5 card for The Gifted Adult book.

personal study wordpress trello-1414357131personal study wordpress trello-1387460416

I also will write down inspiring and “ah ha!” thoughts on various notebooks, binders, paper pads, and/or in computer software (OneNote, Outlook/Remember The Milk tasks and Trello primarily).
See the images of my desk, you’ll see the papers and notebooks (on the hutch).personal study wordpress 20150703_101122

When I’m finished studying them, they make their way to “hope to study more in-depth” study piles or to the “library” bookshelves.

personal study wordpress 20150703_100937
Library Bookshelf 1
personal study wordpress 20150703_100821
Library Bookshelf 2
personal study wordpress 20150703_100717
Library Bookshelf 3

At the gym I listen to educational audio (from audible primarily).
I also use the computer (Kindle, Internet, other eBooks) to learn and study.

Finally, the next fun part about learning is finding and designing opportunities to put into action, and gaining experience related to my studies. Very exciting!

What is your personal study process?

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