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Analytical Strength Analysis

Personalized insights From GALLUP:  Analytical

“Instinctively, you sometimes reach conclusions by using reason. Sometimes you evaluate all the facts to pinpoint what is and is not relevant. The mental rigor you demand of yourself might prepare you to launch projects or initiate plans. By nature, you may prefer to think through things so you can arrive at sensible conclusions. Perhaps you refrain from letting your emotions rule how you act or react to particular events, problems, or people. Chances are good that you sometimes unravel how things function through your good reasoning. Perhaps you bring a certain degree of objectivity to your fact-finding. This may allow you to identify the basic pieces of a mechanism, program, process, regulation, or code. In addition, you might outline the sequence of steps or the placement of parts so things operate properly. Driven by your talents, you are an objective person. You investigate the problems you must face in life. You methodically reason through these difficulties. Often you create workable solutions. Because of your strengths, you naturally expend mental energy thinking about data and measurements. You aim to understand what the numbers really mean. You certainly seek explanations from those who performed the original calculations.”

“Analysis paralysis” is the most annoying part of this strength. There are many things in life that require a judgement call, and no amount of analysis is going to answer the question for you.

With that said, I’m very grateful for this strength. It allows me to keep my Ideation strength in check.  Sure it means I have all kinds of mental debates with myself, dreaming up cool ideas, scheming awesome schemes, then analytical kicks in and starts popping my own happy bubbles, sure it’s painful but a least it’s all in my own head!

Often these mental debates are with a mental model of another person, my wife for example. First, I have a good idea, then I imagine, what would my wife think about that? Then, what would I say to that, and what would she say to my response and so on and so on… My wife doesn’t like to debate much, so I do it for her 😉
Yes, I do check unknowns along the way, and I get input from her, and if it’s way off we might have a bit of a discussion. Then I can update my mental model and have a more accurate debate with myself next time! I have found this to be a much better solution that actually having long drawn out debates with her.
Warning: don’t expect this to work very well until you’ve been married and dating your wife for many years!

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